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We help small businesses grow using tailored social media and advertising strategies to attract and connect you with the right costumers.

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We are a social media advertising agency working with small businesses looking to grow while focused on maximising brand awareness, customer retention, online presence and get your business seem through Facebook and Google Ads, (+Instagram and Youtube).

We will help transform the way you create and share content on social media to get the best out of your ads!

 Whether you need help developing an strategy that resonates with your target audience or, going over your operations and help you find ways to scale and improve results through smart and efficient digital advertising. We have the expertise and the tools to help your business succeed.


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We partner with businesses looking to invest on their growth. If you’re looking for experts to run your ads, if you run them yourself or have someone else doing it for you, we can help you! We offer consultancies and service packages.

We look for partners who:

✓ See social media and Google as profitable sales and engagement channel.

✓ Create content for their business social media accounts.

✓ Are investing / in a position to invest monthly in social media ads as part of their growth plan.

We analyse content and audiences behaviours to turn data into results. If you need to increase your brand awareness, traffic to your website or get your calendar fully booked with returning customers, we are ready to help you.

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Our consultancy services are designed to help you find the bottlenecks in your advertising operation and create alternatives to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

We will dive deep into your ads accounts, understand strategies and analyse campaigns to uncover untapped opportunities for improvement. With a comprehensive 60-90 minute video call, we’ll work together viewing your current operations, identify areas needing improvement, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your ad performance and ROI.

For businesses seeking an even greater impact, we offer an exclusive package consisting of 4x 60-minute calls. This extended engagement and daily support allows us to delve further into your operations, develop customised strategies, and implement targeted optimizations to achieve significant results.

Footage of the call and other support material will be sent up to 7 days later, as part of your Socials Progress Plan.

From £247 


AHEAD is a package designed to empower you with the tools and guidance needed to maximise your ad campaigns and your business seen while managing your own ads.

It Includes:

Full Ads Account Set-Up: We’ll handle the technical aspects with a full set-up of accounts, settings, integrations, and everything else you need to advertise with Google and Meta.

Advertising Campaign strategies tailored to your business, focused on engaging with you current audiences to keep engagement and interest, as well as attracting new quality leads.

x2 Tech-Focused Consultation Calls to familiarise you on how to operate your ads. We’ll share insights, orientation and personalised recommendations to help you make informed decisions, optimise your campaigns, and drive exceptional results.

8 Weeks Progress Plan

Detailed advertising plan to guide you through the first 2 months including marketing campaigns ideas, audiences and content.


Creative Manual – All you need to know about creating great ads, including an extensive list of creative references tailored to your niche and based on recent research

An easy-to-use Ads Calendar that will allow you to plan your ads ahead, be more effective and save time to run your business.


A full guide with good practices for the perfect social media posts. 

Account’s Contingency and Safety guide with all you need to know to avoid having your accounts blocked or hacked. 

From £647

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Limited Availability

André Cadinelli - Founder

I am a Google certified, social media ads and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) specialist, and have been working in advertising and content strategy with digital marketing agencies since 2018. Throughout the years I have worked internationally with businesses in a variety of niches, managing Meta and Google advertising accounts & operations with thousands of pounds invested.
I've founded Howdugh to work specifically with small businesses sector in the UK after seeing a gap in the market and realising the majority of agencies are only willing to work with big brands and very few professionals are invested on the small business sector.
Small business can have great advantage when focusing on the local public and Howdugh is here to help them connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our main goal is to impact your business in a positive and long-lasting way. Regardless if you just need your operations look at or someone to set-up all your ads, we always aim to use our expertise to create solutions that can amplify your reach, your results and how far you can take your business.

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question. Great results depends on a number of factors being well executed such as branding, investment, content, customer service, service/product and marketing. As well as working together towards your company goals. At Howdugh we are not only experts on advertising, but also in good results. We are ready to help with all the parts of this engine and optimize it to achieve new heights.

We don’t believe in easy results and we work hard to get the best possible outcomes. We look for partners who share similar values and are ready to commit to sustainable growth and success. We work to improve metrics that truly corresponds to your development and we don’t take metrics such as follows, likes and shares as baseline when analysing growth.

For general queries please e-mail . If you are already one of our partners please feel free to contact us via our Whatsapp.